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    Welcome to Siren City, located on a remote island in the beautiful pacific ocean.  Check out the history of the city-state itself: here.  The products you see are the work of a collection of artists, musicians and other creatively minded people working to brighten the world through art and consciousness.

    Siren City strives to create timeless, original streetwear of high quality that looks as good as we feel making it.  We are also an outlet for artisans to sell their original creations.  Each piece represents the Azul jewel of the Pacific.

    Bunker Productions is our independent music creation studio crafting Hip Hop, RnB, Rock and Electronic.  Home to artists: The Imperfections, Rough Child, Philo, Stevie Guild, SandyG and Hilary Beckett.

    Beyond our roles as apparel designers and musicians, we strive to be a small part of a larger tide pushing against this world of increased negativity, corruption and ignorance.  Riding a flow towards positivity, respect and truth we hope to grow to include greater numbers and support more people with their causes (hit me up at phil (at) and I'll do what I can to champion your efforts).

    As humans we have enough resources, intelligence and ingenuity to achieve a world where everyone can prosper and live with dignity, everywhere.  It is our mandate to always operate true to that declaration while achieving that reality for more and more people.