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    We want your clothes to fit perfect from the moment you take it out of the box.

    For that reason, we supply detailed measurements for every product we sell, whether shirt length, bust or thickness for jewellery.  Surprise free shopping is our goal.  Look for a detailed size chart on each product page.  Also, keep an eye out for any blue text like this, that provide deeper insights into how an item might fit.  Say for example if it's a slim fit, straight cut or extra long or short.  As always if you have any questions or concerns, just ask, and we will give you our best answer as soon as possible.

    To best use the measurements we provide, you should know your own measurements too!

    (If you don't have a measuring tape, you can print this one from at home)

    Here's an example of a size chart you'll find on a product page:








    Typically Fits Sizes

    2 to 4

    5 to 8

    8 to 10

    10 to 14



    65 cm
    25.5 in

    67 cm
    26.5 in

    68 cm
    26.75 in

    72.5 cm
    28.5 in


    Traditional Sleeve

    33 cm
    13 in

    34 cm
    13.5 in

    37 cm
    14.5 in

    38 cm
    15 in


    Just the Sleeve

    15 cm
    6 in

    16 cm
    6.25 in

    17 cm
    6.75 in

    19 cm
    7.5 in



    78 cm
    30.5 in

    81 cm
    32 in

    86 cm
    34 in

    92 cm
    36 in



    76 cm
    30 in

    79 cm
    31 in

    84 cm
    33 in

    89 cm
    35 in



    86 cm
    34 in

    86 cm
    34 in

    94 cm
    37 in

    96 cm
    38 in

     The images below show you what each measurement is on the body, and secondly how it relates in real terms to the garment itself.


    Here's how you take each measurement:

    1. Length - A Siren City special measurement, this is the length of the garment from the top of the shoulder, to the bottom seam of the shirt.  Get a great idea where a shirt is going to sit on your waist.

    2. Traditional Sleeve Measurement - Measured from the center of your chest to the end of the sleeve. 

    3. Just the Sleeve - We also give you the measurement from the stitch of the sleeve at the top of the shoulder to where it will end on your arm.  Only like long sleeves?  Take the #3 measurement, and compare it to a similar style shirt you own and you'll know instantly whether it meets your personal preference.

    4. Chest or Bust - Measure at the fullest part of your chest or bust, wrapping around behind the back to complete the loop.  This can tell you how snug it will be on the chest. However the fabric will stretch so the measurement is a guide.

    5. Waist - This measurement is taken from above the belly button and below the rib cage, wrapping around behind the back  to complete a loop.

    6. Hips - Measure the fullest part of your hips and around the back.  Try to keep the measuring tape level.