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    The Imperfections

    Music crafted with care by The Imperfections.  The Imperfections consist of Philo, Stevie Guild and frequent collaborators Hilary Beckett and SandyG.

    The Imperfections are two brothers inspired to create a fresh new sound. Stevie Guild & Philo’s deep roots have embedded trust and honesty into their creative process while sibling competitiveness has incubated musical growth. 

    Philo took a hip-hop route – his true musical lifeline – teaching himself all the ins and outs of production.  Stevie went the other direction; becoming a man of instruments. He took up the harmonica in his early teens, guitar and bass just after high school and the keys shortly after that.  Their musical tastes took similar detours deep into their preferred genres but as their tastes evolved they began to unite.  Bottom line was they liked good music, genres be damned.  The Imperfections were born out of their evolving and all-encompassing set of influences.

    The Imperfections cherish the mistakes that make this world honest, they nurture them until the imperfections themselves are the beauty.